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Movement & Healing Arts

Saturday, June 22

Sunday, June 23

Healing Arts Staff


Raquel Rae

Raquel, born and raised in Northern Michigan, holds two things dear to her heart: community and laughter Through guided movement, Raquel’s goal is to make you feel at home on your mat and connected to your body. Her flows offer attention to alignment, providing a strong foundation for beginners, and continually grant seasoned practitioners space to play with new transitions and reconnect to their roots. No matter where you are in your practice, Raquel will offer support, guidance, and plenty of opportunities to laugh throughout your experience. Raquel has been teaching at this festival since 2016 and loves taking this time to relax, spread joy, and dance to great music!
IG: @yogawithraquelrae


Aleece Balchik

Aleece took her 200hr yoga teacher training and has completed over 300 additional hours of body movement certifications including: Yin, Hatha, Hot Yoga, all Buti Yoga formats, and Thai Vedic Therapy. She has strived to give more to the community by continuing education in becoming a Doula and within the healing arts including sound healing, Reiki & Energy Work, the Sound Wave Table, Auricular Therapy and Bodywork. She is currently completing her 500hr YTT and becoming a Certified Personal Trainer. If you are looking for someone to empower you with the education you need to advance your body or take pause, Aleece has the tools, intuition and so much more!
IG: @arbalchik


Chelsey Fitzpatrick

Hello, I'm Chelsey Fitzpatrick aka Dizzy Dreamer owner of Celestial Dance Hoops. I was introduced to hula hoop dance ten years ago. I have been building professional dance hoops for eight years now. As well as, performing at local festivals with my fire hoop and fire eating tricks. I have also taught beginner and intermediate hula hoop dance classes the past three years. I created Celestial Dance Hoops, to teach others about the magnificence hula hoops can offer their mental and physical health. The movement and Dance should be sacred between you and the hula hoop. I'm here to help build that bond through movement, tricks,connection, and dance. There are many different types of hula hoops in the flow arts world. I'm going to teach the difference between these types of hula hoops, and what methods are best with each type of hoop. Be prepared to let your soul flow.
IG: @dizzy_dreamer_42


Thea Arnold &
Jason Schwartz

THEA: Raised in Northern Michigan, I have spent the last several years living in Oregon and traveling, writing for work and pursuing education in my interests including functional nutrition (NTP), contemplative practices, dance, and exploration of the nervous system. I find purpose in deepening connection to self, finding freedom in expression, nourishing the body with good food, and supporting others on their path. I have a personal dance practice and also love dancing in community including contemporary, Tamalpa, ecstatic, and 5 Rhythms methods.

JASON: I’ve worked as a yoga teacher and a bodywork therapist, but have recently been training in the Feldenkrais Method and studying with international facilitator Thomas Hübl. I’m drawn in by the creative endeavor of what it is to further make contact with myself and the world, and find the practice of intentional dance (5 rhythms, open floor, contact improv) to be a fruitful part of that process.
IG: @homebody.holistic


Hannah Watton &
James Gasco

Hannah initially started her yoga practice in 2013 with a very ego centered goal, “to look cool and gain clout on social media.” As she started attending classes more frequently, she felt inspired by her teachers (two of which are teaching here) to dive into the deeper meaning of yoga. As with any ancient sport or martial art steeped in tradition, the power of the physical yoga practice permeated every aspect of her life. It molded her into a more humble, conscientious, and patient woman. She quickly became an advocate for holistic practice and wanted to learn more. Graduating from Be The Love Yoga teacher training in May 2023, Hannah entered the community as a Certified Yoga Teacher & Reiki Practitioner. A week later, on a Full Strawberry Moon, she then brought a beautiful baby girl into the world (assisted by her doula and yoga teacher, our very own Aleece)! Since graduating, she has been teaching public classes at Yoga Roots Petoskey, private classes, practicing Reiki, and hosting Full Moon Women’s Circles (inspired by her daughter.) You’ll have a chance to learn from and meet her partner, James at family yoga and their couples class.
IG: @healing.arts.with.hannah


Taelar Steward

Tae steward is a licensed yoga teacher, massage therapist, reiki practitioner, and owner of Mackinaw City's wellness center, Strait to the Roots. She has been teaching yoga since 2020, hosting retreats since 2022 and has been on her healing journey for over 10 years. She believes that we all have the power and inner knowing to heal ourselves and teaches from a place of freedom, intuition, and play.
IG: @straittotheroots


Kayla Cross

With a combination of ancient and modern healing techniques, Kayla Jo brings a unique vibe to get you back to your balanced and whole self. Kayla Jo is a certified Sound Therapist(6 years), Reiki Practitioner and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Generalist. With intentions to bring sound healing to places like Community Mental Health, hospitals, schools, and to anyone who needs it. Her passion for alternative medicine brings a new and refreshing approach to Northern Michigan.

"Sound is the medicine of the future."
~Edgar Cayce
IG: @gvsoundhealth


Aaron Wayne Otto

Aaron has been enchanting audiences across Northern Michigan with the soothing sounds of the Native American flute for over two decades. His performances, known for their beautiful and haunting melodies, deeply resonate with listeners, providing both emotional and spiritual experiences. Aaron’s musical journey began during his school years when he played the tuba at Petoskey Middle School. He continued his musical exploration while pursuing a degree in music at Central Michigan University (CMU). It was during his collegiate studies that Aaron was drawn to the Native American flute. Captivated by its distinctive tone and aesthetic appeal, he embraced the instrument wholeheartedly and has since dedicated himself to mastering its art. Today, Aaron Wayne Otto continues to perform and spread awareness of this unique musical tradition, sharing its profound cultural significance and timeless beauty wherever he plays.


Dan Walter

Dan, grew up and has made Northern Michigan his home. His love and connection to the Great Lakes can’t keep him away from this place. Dan's spiritual journey started well over 30 years ago, connecting to the earth. Alcohol blurred his vision and path for a majority of that time. Dan started working on reconnecting his path a little over a year ago and last October at a men’s retreat he wrote a goodbye letter to alcohol. Learning a little bit about breathwork 2 years ago he dedicated his time to learn more. He got certified as a meditation and breathwork coach and became a 9dbreathwork facilitator.

“The power of breathwork has changed my life. I can’t change your life, but I can share with you the tools that you could use if you choose.”
IG: @dew_breathwork

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