SOL 2024 Lineup

Friday, June 21


Friday - 4pm

Dede & The Dreamers

Friday - 5:15pm

Funky Uncle

Friday - 6:45pm

The Claudettes

Friday - 8:15pm

Jesse Ray And The Carolina Catfish

Friday - 10pm


Friday - Midnight

Beats in the Barn with ClarkAfterDark and DJ Franck

Friday - Latenight

Saturday, June 22

Mr. Jake

Saturday - 11am

Northwood Improvisors

Saturday - Noon

Smokin' Dobroleles

Saturday - 2pm

Michelle Chenard

Saturday - 4pm

The Outfit

Saturday - 6pm

Earth Radio

Saturday - 8pm

Distant Stars

Saturday - 10pm

Not Quite Canada

Saturday - Midnight

Beats in the Barn with ClarkAfterDark and dj Franck

Saturday - Late Night

Sunday, June 23

Dr. Goodhart and The Ungovernables

Sunday - Noon

Lavender Lions

Sunday - 2pm


Sunday - 4pm


Sunday - 6pm

Charlie Millard

Sunday - 8pm

Sound of the Omega Sound Healing

Sunday - After Dark

That's All Folks!

Three full days of Funk, fun & Freedom!


Funk, Folk, & Rock

 A bit Folked up, a little Funked up, with a hint of Indie and a touch of the Blues, Underleaf is an exhilarating, genre-defying, harmony-laden Rock band from the shady knolls of Emmet County, Michigan. Cultivated with care underneath the canopy of trees that forest Northwest Michigan, and under the Milky Way herself, Underleaf beckons the listener like a cool, shady tree on the hottest of days and a steady, crackling bonfire on the chilliest of nights. 

Dede & The Dreamers

I value all the people that want to look closely at our lives and our future and change it. To propel us forward with our hearts and minds. 

It is a strange time to be alive, maybe every ancestor who has lived through any historical changes feels this same way. Maybe change just feels hard and strange and uncomfortable. I don’t know, but one thing I’m clear on is that it is the role and job of the artist to give voice to it all. We, out of any occupation, are allowed, in fact encouraged, to look at it, question it, and explore it. What is the it? It’s the disfunction, the imbalance, the ugliness, the shadow, and the beauty. It is our job to dive deeply into these subjects and give witness, and ultimately, if we do our job right, come back with the silver lining of hope. Come back with the spark that lights the fire in other’s souls. That spark that reminds us of the things we used to know and our values as children. The things that disarm us. At least, this is why I make music.

Funky Uncle

Funky Uncle is a band that is all about pushing the boundaries of music and bringing new sounds to the table. With their innovative approach to jazz, they have created a sound that incorporates new TC funk and fusion elements that approach jazz ‘as a verb.’ Through their energetic and dynamic performances, Funky Uncle brings a fresh and exciting sound to the jazz scene. Their music is characterized by the blending of different styles and genres, resulting in a unique sound that is both familiar and fresh. With their infectious rhythms and soulful melodies, Funky Uncle is sure to get audiences moving and grooving to their new TC funk and fusion sounds.

The Claudettes


Grounded in roots music yet pushing the boundaries of indie pop and rock, the Claudettes are writing the most riveting chapter of their story right now. Pianist/songwriter Johnny Iguana formed the Claudettes with drummer Michael Caskey, dazzling with the barrelhouse bravura of their 2013 debut Infernal Piano Plot…HATCHED! Another Yellow Dog Records release followed in 2015 featuring Nigerian-American singer Yana: No Hotel. Vocalist Berit Ulseth and bassist/guitarist/vocalist Zach Verdoorn joined the band for Pull Closer to Me: Live in the Piano Room (2017) and Dance Scandal at the Gymnasium (2018, helmed by Grammy-winning Black Keys producer Mark Neill).

Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish

Jesse was 12 when he picked up guitar after  his “Gumpy” bought his first 6 string. Jesse then began playing open mic nights with his mama at his side to gain him entry into the bars.

In 2013 Jesse Ray formed Jesse Ray and The Carolina Catfish a high energy rock n roll, blues and rockabilly 2 piece band.

Always looking for new and creative musical opportunities Jesse Ray now brings The Reverend Jesse Ray, an Americana Rock N’ Roots experience like no other. 


Djangophonique is an award winning project that delivers the infectious joy, and expressive
freedom that is at the heart of Django Reinhardt’s jazz manouche. With respect for the tradition
and a fearless creativity that bends the conventions of the style, Djangophonique is keeping the
Hot Club revival alive and well. The result is a sound that’s unmistakable to fans of the music,
and alluring to the uninitiated—a sound that can bring the lively energy of a Parisian dance hall
to the quietest listening room or captivate a buzzing festival audience with the aching nostalgia
of a shimmering ballad.

DJ Franck

Multigenerational and multi-genre-ational
DJ Franck uplifts in the mix and sychronizes with the room on a soulful level to celebrate a positive vibration collectively using an eclectic selection of records known, beats unknown, and the rhythms in-between.

DJ Clark After Dark

DJ Clark After Dark merges genres and blends unique sounds to produce the best mixes for the correct environments. Multi-genre vinyl mixes, with elements of original music production, synth, and scratch turntablism. Take a journey through sound, time, and space with one of Northern Michigan’s underground artists.

Mr. Jake

Mr. Jake grew up right here in Harbor Springs. Jake has developed a unique sound with just his guitar and voice. We think it comes from a blend of the spring water, the Carolina coast, late nights at Blissfest, public radio, and those early coming-of-age after-school jams with Something Different in the Homemade Jam. He puts a groove to any tune you throw at him and hits those coveted high lonesome notes with ease.

Northwoods Improvisers Quintet

Northwoods formed in 1976 and have been performing since. The band has gone through various changes through the years with the current sextet being solidified in 2020. Drummer Nick Ashton and Mike Johnston have been in the band together since 1986. The band has released 19 Cds / LPs through the years.

Dominic Bierenga – saxophones
Donovan Boxey – saxophones
Mike Khoury – violin
Jack O’Brien – cello and double bass
Mike Johnston – double bass, wood flutes
Nick Ashton – drums and percussion

The Smokin Dobroleles

Forged in friendship and family, the West Michigan-based band, The Smokin’ Dobroleles, has the uncanny ability to feed off each other and their audience to create the perfect mix of medicine to cure what ails you. The Smokin melodic tremolo and solid chops of Mike Renna’s resonator ukulele and songwriting skills blend perfectly with Abe Kurzer’s soulful dobro and their vocal harmonies create a singular sound that will have your whole body swaying. Rounding out this eclectic crew and sure to have you smiling, we have Brandon Tabor holding down the low end on upright bass and the well seasoned, fearless timekeeper, John Ellsworth, on all things drums and percussion.

Michelle Chenard

Michelle Chenard is one of northern Michigans favorite and most well known musicians. An accomplished songwriter and performer, she has been voted Best Solo Performer, Best of the Best and #1 in Singer/Songwriter charts several times. She released her first music video for the song “Blade” in 2012 with critical acclaim to a packed house at the City Park Grill, a well known music venue in Petoskey, Michigan. Michelle scored a Michigan Emmy®️Award in 2011 for musical score on the TV documentary “Sacrifice and Honor: A Tribute to our Northern Michigan Veterans”.

The Outfit

The Outfit is the premier string band from southeast Michigan featuring fiddle, upright bass, acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, 3 lead singer songwriters and plentiful vocal harmony.  

Ashton Young and Vaughn Mortimer each weave their unique storytelling personalities into the fabric of the songs they write. With the addition of lead singer/flat-picker Kaden Powers, the boys have found a whole new and energetic sound. The lightning fast fingertips of classically-trained violinist Peter Kent and the smooth walking rhythm of bassist Keaton Soto-Olson provide a solid foundation to complete the ensemble. 
The Outfit is……
Ashton Young- Mandolin, Guitar, vocals
Vaughn Mortimer- Banjo, Guitar, vocals
Kaden Powers- Guitar, vocals
Peter Kent- Fiddle, vocals (if you’re lucky)
Keaton Soto-Olson- Bass

Earth Radio


Earth Radio are storytellers of a future yet to be realized. This Grand Rapids Future-Soul group consists of Justin Avdek (bass, vox), Hannah Laine (keys, vox), Dutcher Snedeker (keys, synth), and David Ward (drums, percussion). The band formed in 2017 when Avdek brought these unique West Michigan musicians together for a spontaneous recording collaboration, which turned into a progressive project birthed from a shared passion of neo-soul and sonic ingenuity. You’ll hear elements of funk, rock, soul, and progressive jazz, reminiscent of Hiatus Kaiyote, Erykah Badu, Radiohead, and Knower, melded together into a sound that is uniquely Earth Radio.

In 2023, The band wrote and recorded their brand new album “If The Earth Could Speak” in 7 days on a retreat in Vermont, and is the most dynamic release to date.

Distant Stars

Punkfunk // Glam

Distant Stars is a funky glam rock and pop group led by Jakey Thomas and Andy Fettig. The current lineup boasts the talents of multi-instrumentalists Chris Michels and Jake Allen. With music that evokes a psychedelic disco vibe, and a wild, must-see live show reminiscent of rock n roll greats like Mick Jagger and Prince, Distant Stars promises to take you on an interstellar journey that will thrill, chill, and fulfill you.

Dr.Goodhart & The Variants


The Lavender Lions

The Lavender Lions are a blooming, multi-genre project comprised of Northern Michigan musicians, Lara VanHorn (uke/vocals), Erik VanHorn (guitar), Jake Keyser (drums), Josh Hall (keys) and Greg Mastin (bass). The band is currently in the studio creating their debut album filled with sounds and songs inspired by nature, love, and life experiences weaved into whimsical storytelling.


Eck! is a band formed in Detroit during the beginning of the pandemic.  Assembling some demos remotely by John Szymanski (Hentchmen/Paybacks/SSM) and Ray Thompson (Oscillating Fan Club/Wildcatting), the blueprint of their first LP was formed. Behold Eck! was released in 2022 when Brandon Moss (Bars Of Gold/Bear Vs. Shark) joined on drums, and Paige Huguelet joined on bass. 

Eck played their first gigs in the fall of 2021 and spring of 2022. Staying local the band recorded and released their 2nd LP, Flatland, in the summer of 2023. Both records were released by Outer Limits Lounge Records, John Szymanski’s house label for his bar, Outer Limits Lounge.


Levitator is a psychedelic rock band hailing from Petoskey, Michigan, known for their mesmerizing live shows and ethereal soundscapes. The band consists of lead singer and guitarist Robby Hovie, guitarist Sam Hovie, bassist Gabe Rellinger, drummer Dan Schillinger, percussionist Jeff Neill and keyboardist Cole Oosthuizen. Levitator’s music is characterized by Robby’s soaring vocals and intricate guitar work, combined with the band’s dynamic rhythms and dreamlike textures.

Charlie Millard

Digital Folk
“Booma Twang’s “Digital Folk” sound comes from the blending of Funky Beats and Soulful Acoustic Music. These three friends write all their music together in search of a truly collaborative sound”

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