Sol brothers and sol sisters, we send you positive vibrations from the Lost Tamarack Lodge. We as a community look forward to having a fun and safe summer in northern Michigan. The current pandemic, however, has brought about strange days and while we remained hopeful, we’ve come to the conclusion that it would be inappropriate to have a public gathering on the farm this year.

During this hiatus, we are working to invent new musical experiences for Michigan artists and their fans. We feel it’s important to continue to support our friends and look forward to working with them on our new endeavours. Stay tuned, see you soon, love to all.

Let’s dream of a Sol 2021


As events unfold and summer progresses we will keep you up to date with the latest happenings at The Lost Tamarack Lodge. Tentative late summer events: Group bike ride, Trail clean up & lots of hiking.


From trail maintenance to farm improvements the cost of hosting a music gathering are never ending. Your support not only helps the farm, but it also helps us support Michigan musicians and artists.


We encourage you to go out and explore northern Michigan and the Lost Tamarack Trail is calling your name. To find your way on the trail and around Weber Lake, download a copy of our trail map.

Stay In Touch

We will Be in touch soon about events and volunteer opportunities