June 17-19 2022
Join us for the seventh annual Summer Solstice gathering to celebrate the Lost Tamarack Trail at Weber Lake. Music, Art, Bike, Hike & Guided Trail, Kayak, Canoe, Camp, Yoga, Stargazing, Food Trucks and fun!


$ 60
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • Three Full Days Of Music
  • Trail, Lake, Camp and fun!


$ 20 Day Only
  • 5 Artists
  • Food Vendors On Site
  • Trail and Lake Access​


$ 40 Day Only
  • 8 Artists
  • Food Vendors On Site
  • Trail and Lake Access​


$ 25 Day Only
  • 7 Artists
  • Food Vendors On Site
  • Trail and Lake Access​

SOL of the lost Tamarack 2021

Follow your soul.
It knows the way


Our Vibration

The Lost Tamarack Lodge is an event space dedicated to the enjoyment of the Lost Tamarack Trail, Weber Lake, and its related outdoor activities. Music, art and culture blended together to form a symbiotic resonance, creating soul-refreshment for all.


Healing vibrations through music that crosses several genres in our yearly festivals.


Lay in the fields, enjoy the stars, breath the fresh air, stretch out and enjoy life.


Hike, bike or ride your horse and explore the Lost Tamarack Trail around Weber Lake, located just outside of Petoskey.

22 artists Over 3 days

Days of fun, over a thousand songs, hundreds of preformers


We recommend leaving your phone in your car so you can fully immerse yourself in the community and music. If you must bring your mobile device you will need to bring your own power source.

There will be NO ATMs on site. If you need cash Wolverene, MI or Petoskey, MI are not to far away with plenty of options. 

Most of our food vendors will accept credit/debit cards so you might get away with only a few dollars after entering. 

Our food vendors will have a variety of soda, juice and water. We will have a few water filling stations, please bring your own bottle. We do not encourage bringing single use bottles.

YES! We will have a number of food vendors. Hours will very by vendor but you will have options for breakfast, lunch and dinner starting friday evening.

Sunday we will be hosting a fireman’s breakfast to sponsor the local fire department. All you can eat food courtesy of the wonderful food vendors will all proceeds going to the fire department. $10

  • YOUR TICKET! Please have your ticket printed or on your phone when you pull up to the entrance gate so we can check you in quickly. You can pay cash for a pass at the gate if necessary or buy one online at anytime. 
  • Snacks and a few meals. We will have food vendors on site for the majority of your hunger.
  • A reusable bottle. We will be have a few fill stations near the barn for your convenience. 
  • Camping Supplies. A tent, sleeping bag, clean clothes, cooking supplies (grills and stoves will not be provided), you know the rest.
  • An Open Heart. This event is a welcome to everyone that is willing to accept everyone and share in the peaceful weekend.

YES! We are proud to say this is a family friendly festival. Bring the whole family, mom & dad, brother & sister, son & daughter, grandparents & grand kids, even the step uncle removed once and remarried to a different family member that you only see on odd holidays like the summer solstice (June 20th, 2020). 

A bunch of vendors.

We always happy to have more vendors at the festival to share their craft and services. Please contact us for more information.

You won’t. Passes will be emailed to you after you purchase them. Please bring a printed copy (with your name on it) or the confirmation email to the entrance gate. At the gate you will be checked in and given a wristband.

No, of course not. Hopefully the stars will be out and we can all lay in the field stargazing until we fall asleep. You are welcome to hammock, tent or car camp where ever you would like within in the property. Those bringing an oversized tent on wheels (RV/Camper) please be respectful of those tent camping and the area around them. NO water, electric or sewer hooks on site.

Well of course. A portajohn does not judge so why would we? 

Please clean up after yourself and take care of our facilities. No one will be around to clean the facilities throughout the weekend.

Yup. Cash passes can be purchased at the gate. If you would like to pay using a credit card please buy you pass online.

No. First come first served.